Plan It For The Planet

It is clear the Westminster government is turning back to focus on fossil fuels. This will be a disaster for the environment and for all of us as our energy bills become ever closer linked to rising gas and oil prices. Renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels.

There are alternatives to this madness, as the excellent speakers at our recent public meeting clearly explained. A “Green New Deal” can transform the way we run our economy without leaving it to the madness of market whims. We can “Plan It For The Planet”, finding ways to live in good homes, with all the heat and energy we need.

Watch the video of our speakers’ presentations below

First Speaker: Clara Paillard, Unite the Union and Tipping Point UK

Second Speaker: Craig Dalzell, Common Weal, co-editor of the Common Home Plan

Click here to download the Common Home Plan direct from Common Weal (pdf)

Chair: Matthew Crighton, Just Transition Partnership and Friends of the Earth Scotland