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The scale of the transformation needed to avoid the worst of climate disaster is far greater than can be met through individual lifestyle changes. That’s why we talk about “System Change, Not Climate Change” and emphasise letting our decision makers know we will not wait any longer for meaningful action.

Stop Jackdaw!

Against both science and commonsense, the UK government have recently given approval for Shell’s new North Sea gas field “Jackdaw”. We can and we must get this decision reversed. The successful #StopCambo campaign are coordinating action to #StopJackdaw: please join them now!

Ask what Climate Justice means for yourself and your own community

So many of the social justice issues we face are climate justice issues too! Ask yourself what you and your community most need for a fair and sustainable future – then make sure your representatives know about it and join a local or national campaign.

Huge fuel bills? Cold and draughty homes? Few good, local jobs?

Demand a programme of mass home insulation and retrofitting, employing a highly trained local workforce.

Join Living Rent and support their campaign to Fix Our Homes, or get involved in ETUC’s Retrofitting Campaign. Check out our own Fuel Poverty page including example letters to your MP/MSP.

Need to drive to access work, food or services, but fear soaring petrol prices? Feel disadvantaged without a car? No time or opportunity to exercise and stay healthy?

Demand public transport that runs where you need, when you need, accessible and affordable or free for all – and streets that are safe to walk, wheel or cycle.

Join Edinburgh Bus Users Group, the Spokes cycle campaign or the Capital Rail Action Group.
Tell your Council what would make where you live a 20 minute neighbourhood.

Facing racism or discrimination? Or concerned for the welfare of your neighbours who are migrants or refugees?

Climate justice and migrant and racial justice are intimately interlinked.

Stand Up To Racism today!

Find your place in the global Climate Justice movement

Check out some of our affiliated organisations below. Whether you’re more comfortable on the streets or online, you’ll quickly find endless opportunities to help build a movement for a just and sustainable future.

How to contact your representatives (MP, MSPs, Councillors)

Don’t forget to join Edinburgh Climate Coalition!

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    Reduce your own carbon footprint

    Right now, our society is not set up to make it easy for us to live low carbon lives. For example, many of us will feel we have little choice but to heat our homes with fossil fuels or to rely on cheap but environmentally dubious food or clothing. Again, this is why part of why we emphasise “system change”. At the same time, those of us who currently have the greatest footprint have the responsibility to do most; and for all of us, doing something helps us feel part of the solution, and helps politicians to see which way the wind is blowing. In that spirit, here a few ideas:

    Improve your home insulation.

    It can undeniably be expensive, but is one of the best ways to reduce your fossil fuel use and your bills.

    There may be either grants or loans available to help: Home Energy Scotland (0808 808 2282) will be happy to advise. Energy Advice Scotland (0808 196 8660) also offer help if you are having issues with your supplier.

    Investigate your own active travel and public transport options.

    Have you tried entering your regular journeys into an online journey planner lately? Google Maps doesn’t always give the best directions for greener options. Try Traveline Scotland for public transport, Cyclestreets for cycling, or OpenStreetmap. “Meet Me Half Way.”

    Join community initiatives to reduce food waste and food poverty.

    Try Edible Edinburgh.

    Become part of the sharing and reuse economy.

    Join the Shrub Coop – or check out their Zero Waste Map; borrow from the Edinburgh Tool Library; find items you no longer need a new home through Freegle.

    Reduce your meat and dairy consumption.

    Veganuary has great information to get you started, whether or not you intend to be vegan.

    Link up with other groups building networks for practical action