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The COP26 summit failed - but hundreds of thousands came together to demand climate justice. The Edinburgh COP26 Coalition is moving foward as the Edinburgh Climate Coaliton.


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Leaders at COP26 failed even on their own terms     

The pledges made at the November 2021 climate conference neither “keep 1.5 alive” nor give us a realistic chance of avoiding the worst of climate catastrophe. There was no hint of the transformational changes that would truly safeguard our planet. Governments continue to collude with corporations and hide behind greenwashed ‘solutions’ that don’t yet exist, don’t address the scale of the problem and often rely on yet more exploitation of people and environment. As holders of the presidency of the COP26 process until November this year, the UK government has a special responsibility to ensure even the limited promises made at the conference are implemented; yet it now renews support for fossil fuel profiteering with taxpayer funds.

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100000s have come together to demand Climate Justice

On the streets of Glasgow and around the world, an unprecedented coalition of civil society groups and individuals came together to reject false solutions, demand justice for those who have done least to cause the crisis and yet are suffering most, and grow the power and ideas we will need to achieve a zero-carbon future that is safe and equitable for everyone. More than ever, people are realising that the multiple crises we are living through – from climate to covid to racism to ecological collapse – not only overlap but share the same cause: a global system that is inequitable and exploitative. Climate Justice is justice for the Global South, it is a Just Transition for our own workers and communities, it is racial, social, gender and disability justice too. Another world is possible, but it will take all of us, together.

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We are now the Edinburgh Climate Coalition          

As part of the UK-wide COP26 Coalition, we brought together local climate- and social justice-orientated groups and individuals to coordinate a high-profile mobilisation at the Global Day of Action in Glasgow. Just as importantly, through our events and streetwork, we engaged in numerous conversations with Edinburgh people about the climate crisis and the climate justice movement. Thank you to all who got involved or just stopped to talk to us! We think our distinctively collaborative, political-but-inclusive, radical-yet-accessible umbrella group is something well worth continuing. As the Edinburgh Climate Coalition, we will amplify and support the work of existing local climate groups as well as organising our own focused campaigns and outreach where we can make a difference.                                                          

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What we need YOU to do

Justice won’t be given up without a fight – we can’t expect world leaders to just hand us it on a plate. The transformative solutions that we need to survive and build a more just and fair world can only be brought about through collective action and coordination, from our local communities to international levels. Now is the time to join the fight for climate justice as we bring together movements to build power for system change. We need all hands on deck: in workplaces, communities, schools, hospitals and across national borders.

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